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MFG: 05/05/2023

EXP: 04/05/2025

Premium White Serum

Introducing our “Premium White Serum” , a versatile solution for your skincare needs. This exceptional product is specifically designed to address acne concerns, serving both as a treatment and a protective barrier. Not only does it combat acne, but it also functions as a moisturizer, providing hydration to your skin. Additionally, it effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, leaving you with a youthful and radiant complexion.

Rest assured, our “Premium White Serum” is crafted with utmost safety in mind, guaranteeing a 100% safe and reliable product. Produced exclusively in Thailand, it embodies the rich heritage and expertise of our country in skincare.

For optimal results, we recommend applying “Premium White Serum” twice daily. Simply follow these steps:

Experience the transformative power of our “Premium White Serum” and unlock the beauty within.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I apply this “Premium White Serum” with other products?

A: Yes, you can apply it with other products, but use this “Premium White Serum” first and then use other products in the next step.

Q: I started using this “Premium White Serum” and acne appeared. Is it an allergic reaction? What should I do?

A1: If there is an allergy reaction, that is, you apply “Premium White Serum” anywhere and there is a red rash all over the area used, stop using it.

A2: If you are already using other brand products, little apply this “Premium White Serum” together at the beginning and then gradually use less of the previous product until you can stop using the previous product. Because there are many products that hide the problem and you cannot stop using it. If you stop using it, the problem will come back. However, this “Premium White Serum” will solve the problem completely and you can stop using in the future.

A3: If you are not using any other products before, use this “Premium White Serum” continuously for another week. This “Premium White Serum” will start to reduce the existing problems under the skin little by little.